Welcome to York!

On behalf of York University, I want to thank you and your son or daughter for considering or choosing York University. We are committed to excellence, a rich diversity of perspectives and a strong sense of community responsibility. York is a global university and our goal is to foster the global thinkers and thought leadership that will define our world, today and tomorrow.

We understand and value your role as a stakeholder and influencer. To that point, we developed this site to keep you informed about   key resources, upcoming events and important dates. We know from the literature and our own personal experiences as parents and educators that the transition to University poses challenges. You likely have heard this before but it bears repeating: University is different from high school!

Research affirms that parent/family involvement can play a significant role in bridging the transition and – more broadly – fostering student success. Based on the research and the feedback of others in your shoes, there are three key ways family members can help their student:

1. Communicate: It’s important to maintain an open channel of communication and emphasize active listening. Communicate your support and confidence in your student’s ability to meet the challenges that face them. Offer guidance and ask questions that keep them in the role of a decision-maker whenever possible. Remind and encourage your student to take the initiative when reaching out for support from teachers, professors and peers.

2. Motivate and Encourage : Remember that postsecondary learning is different than high-school learning. Set-backs and problems will arise. You’ll want to let your student know that success is impacted by their capacity to adapt. Help them by remaining optimistic, being patient with their progress and keeping an open mind. Don’t forget to continue to celebrate their successes.

Janet Morrison

3. Sign up for Parents & Family updates - coming soon: Get the inside scoop on what your student will experience during their first year at York. You’ll also get support from other parents who are helping their children make a successful transition.

York University empowers graduates to thrive in the world and achieve their life goals.


Janet K. Morrison, Ph.D.
Vice-Provost, Students
Division of Students