On-Campus Employment

Student Employment

In addition to scholarships, awards and bursaries, there are numerous on-campus employment opportunities for York undergraduate students to earn extra money, gain valuable experience and contribute to University life through our Work/Study program.

York offers over 2,300 on-campus, part-time jobs for students, most of which are a part of the Work/Study program. These jobs typically have flexible hours to ensure they do not conflict classes.  They are also designed to start building your resume and experience to prepare you for when you are looking for work after graduation.

Examples of some of the many jobs available include: Digital Media Production Assistant, Academic Services Assistant, Summer Camp Counsellor, Intramural Sports Convenor or Referee, Peer Mentor, Communications Assistant. The Career Centre website has more information and details on on-campus jobs.

Application for Scholarships and Awards, the Undergraduate Bursary program and the Work/Study program are available through the Student Financial Profile (SFP), a multi purpose online application form.  The SFP opens the first week of August for all Fall/Winter programs.