Parents & Family Orientation

Welcome to York University! Your student is about to embark on a whole new adventure and we offer a range of services to help you help your student during this transition.

Parents & Family Orientation

Want to learn about all the opportunities, services and resources that York University has to offer you and your student?

Please consider joining us for Parents & Family Orientation. 

OPTION 1: Parents & Family Orientation at York 101

During the summer months you can attend Parents & Family Orientation while your student is attending their York 101 session. Your student can register you for Parents & Family Orientation at the same time they register themselves to attend their York 101 session. This can all be done through

*NOTE: Schulich, Lassonde, Bethune and Glendon are excluded from the York 101 - Parent Orientation.

What you can expect at Parents & Family Orientation:

  • Welcoming remarks from senior administration
  • An exploration of exciting and challenging student transitional topics including:
    • How to support mental health and wellness
    • Orientation
    • Important Deadlines
    • Student success
  • Money Matters - an optional session presented by Student Financial Services

OPTION 2: Parents & Family Orientation at Move-In Day

If you cannot make it to a York 101 session over the summer then join us on Saturday, August 31, 2019 for a repeat Parents & Family Orientation session.

Morning Events:

  • Same program as Parents & Family Orientation - York 101 (PLEASE NOTE: Parents & Family Orientation on August 31 is made up of a morning and an afternoon component. The morning component is identical to the program offered in Option 1 above. For those parents and families who plan to or have already attended Option 1 they need only register for the afternoon component  of this event.)
  • Campus Services Fair where parents can get first-hand information about transportation, security and much more.

Afternoon Events:

The afternoon gives parents and families the opportunity to meet and have lunch with their student's College Head. Here, they can learn about academic support services, social activities, recreational activities, and facilities related specifically to the College.

Complete details about location and parking will be sent to registered attendees one week prior to the event.

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