Transitioning Resources for Parents & Family

You’re On Your Own (But I’m Here If You Need Me) Savage, M. (2009). New York: Fireside.

Parents whose students are away at college have a tough tightrope to walk; they naturally want to stay connected to their student, yet they also need to let go. What’s more, kids often send mixed messages; they crave space, but they rely on their parents’ advice and assistance. Not surprisingly, it’s hard to know when it’s appropriate to get involved in your child’s life and when it’s better to back off. This text helps identify the boundaries between necessary involvement and respect for their child’s independence. Author Marjorie Savage is the Parent Program director at the University of Minnesota, serving as a liaison between the school and the parents of its 28,000 undergraduates.

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Letting Go: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the College Years Coburn, K. L. and Treeger, M. L. (2009). 5th Ed. New York: Harper-Collins.

Based on real-life experience and recommended by colleges and universities in the US, Letting Go offers compassionate, practical and up-to-the-minute information to help parents with the emotional and social changes of the college years. When should parents encourage independence? When should they intervene? What issues of identity and intimacy await students? What are normal feelings of disorientation and loneliness for students — and for parents? What is different about today’s college environment? What new concerns about safety, health, wellness and stress will affect incoming classes? Author Karen Levin Coburn is Associate Dean of Students at Washington University.

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Other Parent Resources

• Hatch, C. and Skipper, T. (2004). A Guide for Families of Commuter Students. National Orientation Directors Association and National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition.

• Mackay, J. and Ingram W. (2001). Let the Journey Begin: A Parent’s Monthly Guide to the College Experience. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin.