Co-op & Internships


Students at York University have the opportunity to get hands-on experiences within their degree. These experiences can take many forms, including:

Experiential Education (EE) is an engaged learning strategy that blends theory and coursework with guided practical experiences. EE can take many forms, ranging from in-class activities (case studies, simulations or interactive projects), to consulting and placement opportunities with a growing network of external partners.

The York Co-op Program (currently in pilot phase) is a course of study in which the academic experience is closely integrated with a series of work term experiences. Students receive enhanced preparation for their first work term through a Professional Communications course as well as job search and career support services and they also reflect on their work term learning through the development of learning agreements and work term reports. The York Co-op Program is currently available to students in some Faculty of Science programs.

York Internship Programs are optional experiential education programs that provide students with the opportunity to engage in a four, eight, twelve or sixteen month internship in their third year of studies. The following York Internship Programs are currently available: