Safety & Security Resources

As your student enters a new environment and we know how important it is for them to have the most positive experience with their safety whether they are working on late-night assignments or enjoying social activities on campus. York offers a range of safety initiatives to help build a safer campus community.


goSAFE is a complimentary evening service provided by York University to help students, faculty, staff, and their guests get from one on-campus location to another safely. goSAFE staff members will escort students to and from any on-campus location. Staff will be available to meet students at their desired pick-up location within 10 minutes. goSAFE operational hours vary by season.

Students can request a goSAFE escort using any of the following methods:

  • Dialing 416-736-5454
  • Using any of the Blue Light Emergency Phone
  • Using a Payphone on campus (it’s free!)
  • Using the goSAFE button on any campus Safety phone
  • Using the ‘goSAFE and Shuttle’ feature in the YorkU Mobile Safety App


Safer Together

York University’s safety awareness initiative, is York’s commitment to building a safer campus and community. The objective of Safer Together is to foster continued and shared engagement in community safety. The Safer Together website provides one-stop access to all of the University’s safety resources that will help students be more informed and take action about their safety.

Students will find information on the tools and services available to everyone at York, as well as educational components designed to prioritize value and respect for all of the York community.

Security Services

York Security Services is committed to keeping both York campuses safe for everyone. York strives to meet the needs of everyone within the York community by providing security services and resources to keep students safe and secure. Working together with different members of the community is what makes York’s security partnership work. All of the security personnel are trained to a high professional standard to ensure student safety and to deal with any incidents that may occur.

The York Security Services team is comprised of three divisions: patrol (foot, car, bike), campus relations, and investigations.

York Security Services

York U Mobile Safety App

The York U Mobile Safety App is a mobile application designed to provide quick, one-stop access to all campus security resources, including the York Security Services emergency line and key student safety services, such as goSAFE, the campus shuttle and other important safety information.

Village Shuttles

York University provides various shuttle services and transportation options to the off-campus housing area just south of the Keele Campus known as “The Village”. The service is comprised of three York University shuttles: "Village Express", "Village East", and "Village West".

All shuttles pick up in front of Vari Hall at the start of each of their runs. The service is open to all of the York University community members. Passengers are asked to ensure they show their YU-card or acceptable piece of photo identification before boarding the shuttle. Service is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The shuttles will only pick-up and drop-off at the designated locations  listed on the map.

Village Shuttles